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How To Use Hashtag For Proficient Marketing

There are 4.021 billion people who use the internet and out of 3.196 billion are the users of the social media network. In this era, social media is the best platform for engaging and influencing consumers and potential customers. Most of the bigger brands as well as the smaller businesses are availing this opportunity and making the profit out of it by having the social media presence. They promote their products and services through these accounts but not all of them are taking the complete benefits of social media marketing.


Getting the benefits of social media marketing, there are some techniques which may help the brands to increase their reach and improve their sales. One of them is the use of Hashtags. We can use hashtags to improve the reach of the audience towards any post. This is an amazing social media marketing tool that helps the marketers to make the post more easily available for the people using social media sites. Hashtags can be used in multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. through hashtags similar data can be categorized and this makes it easy for us to search for the relevant data on the social media platforms.

Using appropriate hashtags is not an easy task. Through various hashtags, one can annoy people and make the social media post useless, while using the appropriate hashtags make a post valuable. This is the current challenge for the marketers to use the suitable hashtags to make a post more visible and enforce the audience to search that content.

For effective social media marketing, there are three types of Hashtags that can give business profits in three ways.

Common Hashtag on Instagram

Common Hashtags are the hashtags that are used by social media marketers to drive the long-term Instagram audience especially Instagram likes or traffic for a post. Through these common hashtags, the keywords in a post can be highlighted and it can make the post more discoverable. People can search for the topics of their interest relevant to your post and these hashtags will help them to reach more audience to your content.

Brand Hashtag

For increasing the awareness about a brand, these hashtags can be used with the name of a brand. The name of the company can be used in the hashtags that will act as the signature tag for the company and its posts. These hashtags are unique for every company and it will make easier for the users to search all of your posts when they search that unique hashtag of your brand.

Campaign Hashtag

Whenever a social media marketing team starts a campaign for their brand, they try to use some attractive yet unique hashtags for their newly launched campaign. In this way, people get attracted to the campaign and search for it easily. The hashtags that are used for the specific campaigns must be easy to remember. For example, in #GreatHairDay campaign of the renowned brand Pantene, the marketing team is using an attractive and easy to remember hashtag for its campaign. This is the best way to attract the audience towards all of the stuff you have shared about the campaign.

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