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How to Start Receiving Donation Online

How to Start Receiving Donation Online

Nonprofit organizations have been lately creating digital payment platforms for simplifying donations and funding. If you want to start receiving online donation then you need a website and also you need an online donation platform. I will be talking about how you can easily start receiving donation online.

Here is the Steps To Follow –

  • Create a website- Use WordPress or any other method, missions of the organization should be clearly mentioned on the donation homepage. Put stories about people who have been generously donating and helping you.
  • Describe¬≠- Explain what your organization has been doing for the society and create a donation page in the home page of the website. Collect the donor information and generate a whole database show your website. Make sure that you let them fill up the mandatory field such as first name, last name, address and phone number. You can also ask them to enter the captcha code so that it confirms that it’s not a robot operating a website.
  • Spread-Allow people to know what you do from the donations made. Put some pictures and stories about the way funds have been used.
  • Establish proof-Create automated tax receipt and gratitude messages. The moment someone gives you donations, there should be a popup thanking the donor right on your website.
  • Sharable- Make sure that your donation page can be shared and referred.
  • Call to action-Add donation button and derive traffic towards your donation page through digital marketing and social media presence.

How can you publicize to receive more online donations?

The more you expose your website, the better shall be recurring donations received. Create a social media Network and publish stories and content on it every day. Once you create a good network, people will automatically feel like joining you and donating for a good cause.

  • Blogs – publishing blogs that tell about campaign and donations can be worthwhile. You can either generate monthly or weekly content depending on your budget and manageability.
  • Schedule emails – make sure that you write emails and send them to the customers all over regularly.
  • Social media – use free versions of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to get acquainted with the customer base. You need to keep asking donations in order to convince the individual. Keep writing blogs and do not forget to update social media for creating a whole network.
  • Keep multiple options- you don’t have to limit yourself to a particular method for receiving donations. Allow people to donate through credit card, debit card, PayPal, Paytm and other methods. Always show them donation summaries and ask them to visit your organization for generating a powerful presence.

How to become successful in attracting online donations?

It is all about building a trust base with the donors. If you have created a personal website through which you can ask for the donation, make sure that there is every possible detail about your work ability. Your website acts like your digital replica. Remove the obstacles and procedures in the donation. Keep things simple and easily manageable as much as possible.

Besides everything, allow people to donate small amounts. Portray the details of your organizations and embed video-based instructions that keep attracting new members all the time.

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