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How to Select a Best Electronic Logging Device System

If you want to buy an Electronic logging device but not sure how to select the perfect one then this guide is for you. Selecting an electronic logging device that has exact capabilities you are looking forward to is a blessing.

Electronic logging devices are eventually going to turn important for regulating the work hours in offices. If your company does not have automatic onboard recording device up till now, you will be compulsorily required to install one by the end of 2019 December. Electronic logging device links up the engine and records the data as it takes place. As a particular vehicle moves from one place to another, electronic logging device tracks the duty status and enters the data for a complete inspection.

Electronic logging device has always been important for the safety of workers. The data log is impossible to alter and the results are more worthwhile. The main motive to keep an electronic logging system is to reduce the incidences of accident and life loss. Here are tips to how to select the best eld devices.

How to Select the Best Electronic Logging Device System

One of the most important factors while using electronics logging system is to check out the automatic tracking feature it has. Choose a vendor that exactly matches with the requirements of your business. All the electronic logging systems are generated differently and henceforth they prove worthwhile in different situations. You can make a sound business decision depending upon the amount of data captured. You can even track the behaviour of the driver while using the ELD data reports vehicle speed, acceleration, break and posted speed. The entire data composed together can help you to coach the driver and reduce the incidences of unsafe driving.

Custom menu for better detailing

Choose the ELD having a custom menu so that you can inspect the hydraulic and boom cradle conveniently. You may be willing to respect different components for a more detailed report.

Should work from different angles

Dot vehicle inspection makes sure that your vehicle is inspected from different angles. In order to maximize your investment, ELD application must work across a fixed mounted table in a vehicle.


It should be compatible with Android and iPad thereby keeping the vehicle secured and well connected with the owner.

Clear and crisp details

Choose ELD having NFC features so that you can scan the QR code and use barcode for inspection. The ELD solution must be capacitated enough to take pictures of the defects.

Air Mile radius rule

ELD supplier must provide you with an application that is able to cover a mile radius rule. In other words, your business must cover up 100 Mile radius so that you don’t require a separate physical graph log. You can use the system track for on duty and off duty minute break.

Tracking each and every activity of the driver is highly important for paperless and faster workability. Communication ability of ELD software furthermore helps in avoiding any kind of accident or unwanted incidences.

Convenient connectivity

Choosing ELD solutions can help you to get connected through Bluetooth or USB cable for roadside inspection is a good idea. Download free application and track on duty status of the driver. All the data is backed up on the mobile phone and 24 x 7 support provides peace of mind all the time.

Choose the best IT support system

You need to choose the driver that has been properly trained in the IT industry. If you are going to use reality-based solutions, you need to ensure that proper actions are taken for impeccable performance. The driver must sign into the vehicle while driving so that everything is on track and system provide correct information for better management.

Final words

Electronic logging devices have reduced instances when drivers misplaced the paperwork and create hazards while transporting things from one place to another. Fuel tracking, speed check, and different features ensure that each driver delivers the exact service that you expect. You can inspect each detail through the standalone application and ensure that everything about your company is in synchronization.

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