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How To Overclock GPU [Guide For Newbie]

How To Overclock GPU

As we all know, overclocking can readily increase the performance of the computer. It is also a great method to use system optimally. However, the task involves certain steps and procedures that you need to execute carefully. Overclocking for the graphic Processing Unit is finally about increasing the speed of the device more than the set limits.

Overclocking increases the boost clock at Higher levels. This is mainly done to avoid overstressing your system and to receive decent performance results. The process of overclocking GPU is very simple and here I have described it very well.

Why You Should Overclock GPU

Overclocking is not mandatory. But few people do it to get the best performance out of it. So here are the few reasons to overclock your GPU.

  • You may need to run games at higher speeds.
  • Improved performance of PC

Overclocking GPU is mainly done to make your PC work faster. It is natural for your system to reach higher temperatures during the process. Therefore, make sure that your computer is clean in and out so that there is better airflow in it.

Installed a temperature monitoring program so that you can use the system in permissible limits.

Steps Overclock Your GPU

  • Download the overclocking software from your graphics card brand website.
  • For example, I have MSI RTX 2070 Super Ventus OC. SO, I am using MSI Afterburner software to overclock my GPU.
  • Launch MSI Afterburner and make sure that you carefully pay attention to the layout.
  • Enhance the core clock up to 5% and also enhance the memory clock set up to 10% using the slider.
  • Download a high-performance game and make sure that the card remains stable during the process.

You can increase the core clock speed a little more until and understand there are no problems in running the PC.

Keep monitoring system performance

It is important to look after the temperature of the system after overclocking and benchmarking. Using graphic cards to make sure that the system doesn’t face crashing problems quickly.

My Test:

I tried to overclock my new GPU MSI RTX 2070 Super. I bought this one last month. I am totally happy with this awesome result. So, if you have made a plan to buy rtx 2070 and looking for the best rtx 2070 super then you can buy EVGA RTX 2070 Super XC Ultra or Asus ROG 2070 Super A8G Gaming video card.

Final Word

Although, overclocking increases the performance of the system but it imposes a lot of strain in the overall lifespan of a system. If you have been frequently upgrading your components, overclocking CPU is a good idea. Else, it can have a toll on your device.

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