Most Common Air Conditioning Problems and How to Avoid Them

Common Air Conditioning Problems

Air conditioning is a necessity in hot climates and no one wants their air conditioner to go out and be stuck in unbearable heat. Repair can also be costly and slow so it’s important to know how to manage your air conditioning system. Bellow are some of the most common problems that can arise, and tips to help you avoid them in your home.

The Filter

A very common reason many people’s air conditioning units fail is simply because of a clogged or dirty filter. You should check with the manufacturer of your unit to see how often the filter should be changed. Some filters must be changed every one to three months while some are reusable and just need to be cleaned. An easy way to determine if your filter need to be cleaned or replaced is to look to make sure light passes through it. If no light can pass through, it is dirty and needs to be dealt with. Upkeep of the filter is a simple way to prevent your air conditioning from freezing.


Another common and easy trick to make sure your air conditioning is running nice is to check the thermostat. Make sure it is turned on and check the level. Make sure to keep the inside clean and that it is not being affected by sunlight.


Be aware that coolant can leak into the air conditioning unit and affect the temperature. Depending on the location of the leak, this could be very costly to repair. As leaks are incredibly hard to detect yourself it is recommended you have your unit examined by a trained technician yearly.


Another part of your air conditioning unit you should clean regularly is the drain. The drain can collect dirt, dust, and lint and become clogged. If the drain pan fills a up water will leak out and can cause damage to your unit or surrounding area.


The compressor is what energizes the refrigerant and pushes it through the coils of your air conditioning unit to carry out heat exchange. With the compressor broken the whole unit will not work. Keep an eye on your refrigerant as too little will cause it to overheat and too much will cause the refrigerant to run into the compressor and cause it to fail.


An air conditioners evaporator coils absorb the heat in the air and cool it sending it back into the house using the air ducts. These coils can potentially become corroded, ruining your unit. These coil need to be examined by a professional about every three years.


Because the condenser coils are located outside with the compressor they can be prone to dirt from the elements. These coils can potentially be cleaned using a water hose yearly, if they cannot and become to dirty you will need a technician to clean them chemically for you.


The contactors in an air conditioning unit allow the compressor, the blower motor, and the condenser fan motor to start. If the electricity cannot go through the contactors your unit will be unable to start. Have these checked by professionals to avoid arcing and pitting.

By following these measures and having professionals check your systems regularly you can save money and trouble. Always be sure to check around your area for the best local service pros to help you get the maintenance you need. Click here for a great example of an Atlanta area service company. No one wants their air conditioning to go out, especially in the summer, so follow these tips to ensure a cool and carefree house.

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