Your Toolbox for Choosing an Ideal Office Space

Choosing an Ideal Office Space

A cool office space with the right amenities is always a winner. An ideal office space will rest your worries on logistics and help you focus more on your business.

With plenty of real estate projects in upcoming economies and similar options in developed regions, you are often left lost on making a choice. As fortune favors the prepared, your enterprising nature is the key to acquire a winning business and office space.

You will discover some excellent insider tips in this discussion on choosing a furnished office space for rent in Bangalore. Rest assured, you will not be overwhelmed but will develop right faith in your onward search.

Fundamental principles that help you choose an office space effectively:

1. Become aware of the types of office spaces available

Become aware that there are several types of real estate available for office space. They may come as a package with many pleasing accessories.

A host of options are unfurnished. When you go for a furnished office space, be on the lookout to be not charged excessively for plain services.

There are several sources available online that can inform you on the types of office spaces available. They are even depicted with clear diagrams.

2. In a multi-story, decide on your ideal floors

In many situations, you will go to an economic zone which is multi-storeyed. Also, there will be many businesses operating in such zones.

If your business is relatively big and you need dedicated office space, sharing becomes a difficulty. In economic zones, plan if you are well placed if you relocate to higher floors.

3. Check if the office space supports customization

With the advent of modular customization to office spaces, your choice of office space must not be too naive. You must be able to add eye-candy like posters and banners.

As a more advanced form of customization, employees must have a choice to easily relocate to other cubicles. Some rooms of the office space should support key conference areas and client meeting zones.

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4. Check if the office space is compliant to safety measures

Safety is one aspect that needs to be over-emphasized. No office space is complete without an exhaustive approach to safety. The foremost safety is in the event of hazards like fire. Does your office space promote effective evacuation steps? Is it compliant to international standards?

Does the economic zone my office space is located in encourage combined drills for fire evacuation? Does it happen periodically to build awareness?

Apart from this, the office space must resist natural disasters. The office space must be certified by authorities as a check on these measures. Employee, staff and visitor safety are last but definitely not the least. Are there incidents of crime in the perimeter of your office space, is it getting resolved and lessened?

For employees staying late, does your office arrange transportation, especially for women? Are the perimeters of my office space safe and friendly to my disabled workforce?

5. Check surroundings for cleanliness

Your office space must live and breathe cleanliness. The premises of your office space must be free from garbage and promote a wholesome experience.

There should also be low noise levels. Unwanted noise has often been cited with lower productivity and make sure there are no heavy industry factories close by.

6. Promote breakout areas

Coming to office should not always feel like ‘Monday sickness’. Your office space must promote fun and enthusiasm.

Provision for beverages and the availability of a micro kitchen are some cool features to have. A small library and facilities like to relax lounge make employees break the monotony.


These are some thought-provoking ideas that will help you to find a good office space. It so happens that you may find some points applicable and few points not suited for your purpose.

While it is not an exercise to make this exhaustive, you have to develop the thought process that goes into compiling the writing. That way, you too would benefit from your own initiative and take your business to new heights with a great office.

Hope you were able to appreciate the discussion! We believe no discussion is complete till we receive your suggestions for improvement. Do write back and we will be glad to respond, let’s keep it two-way!

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