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Can Data Be Recovered From A Broken Flash Drive?

Recover from a broken flash drive

Does your flash drive broken or your data has been corrupted?

Or Are you looking for the way to recover your data from a broken or corrupted flash drive?

If yes, then do read our guide to get back or recover your data.

There are many reasons to get your flash drive corrupted. Sometimes we lost important data. That’s why I always recommend keeping copies of your important files.

Many peoples are asking can data be recovered from a broken flash drive? In short yes, it is possible to recover data from broken or corrupted flash drive.

Ther are many ways you can recover data from a flash drive. But the best way is to try a good software or contact to data recovered expert.

Recovered From A Broken Flash Drive

Here are ways to recover your data. Before that let me tell you the most common corrupted issues.

Most Common USB Flash Drive Problem

  • USB Device Not Recognized
  • Please Insert Disk into Removable Disk
  • You need to format the disk before using it
  • RAW USB drive
  • USB driver issues

Method 1: Try a different USB port

Sometimes due to the USB port issue flash drive not recognized by the system. So, try to insert the flash drive on different USB ports.

Method 2: Choose A Reliable data recovery company

You will get many companies who are doing data recovering jobs. You should choose a reputed and reliable company. As I am currently living in the USA Olyphant. I would recommend you Salvagedata because they are best Reliable USA Data Recovery company in my opinion. I have tried their service, they are able to recover my data from a broken USB flash drive.

Method 3: Format And USe Recovery Software

Sometimes you may get this message “You need to format the disk before using it”. So, you need to format your flash drive. But if you format it then you will be lost your all-important data. To recover your data you can use data recovery software.


So, these are the method to recover data from a broken flash drive. If you know any method to recover data then please do let me know.

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